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DIY Positivity Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Life has been a whirlwind these past few weeks. I am still working crazy through the end of this month, but I am happy to be working. 🙂 I have recently begun practicing the “law of attraction” and so many wonderful things have come into my life. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I recommend the book The Secret as entry read into this amazing phenomenon.

Get your copy online – The Secret

If you like the secret, you may also like these books about LOA (Law of Attraction) and manifesting prosperity and abundance!  Which I know you deserve. I have read these books and I am working on that as well.

In following the law of attraction, I like to create a Vision Board to look at daily to keep my thoughts and actions in sync with my desires and goals.

I wanted to add a little extra something to this, so I decided to make my dreamcatcher to drum up some good mojo and help keep me positive.

If you like what you see, please see the 10 step process I created. It really only took me about an hour to make and I had a lot of fun doing it. It is one of those projects you can do on the couch while watching tv. MY KIND OF PROJECT!

Things you will need:

1. Artificial Sinew  (this could be artificial sinew, string, yarn, the options are endless)

2. Suede Lace  (this could also be yarn or fabric…) You will need 1-2 yds.

3. 1 metal charm (I chose a feather) Metal Charms

4. Beads (variety is amazing) Pony Beads Assortment

5. And size ring. I chose a 5″ Metal Macrame Ring 5.

6. Scissors

7. White Tacky Glue

8. Ruler

9. Feathers

10. Creativity Street Quill Feathers

Written instructions:

1. make sure you have all of your materials

2. use your craft glue to start wrapping your ring with your suede lace.

3. Once you have wrapped the entire ring, you will knot your sinew around the ring. See this video as a better visual representation of the sinew process.

4. Once you knot your first row of sinew, you will begin your second.

5. Continue adding as many rows as you want or can.

6. Keep going… Almost done. 🙂

7. Finish your sinew center in a knot.

8. Use your leftover suede lace to create the hanger for your dreamcatcher and for the tassels that hang from it.

9. Once you knot (and glue to reinforce) your suede tassels on your finished ring… you can add your beads….


I hope you enjoy making something fun, and personal, and I hope you experience a fulfilling and abundant life because of it.

Good Luck! Send me pics when you make yours!

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