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The farmhouse style creates a homelike and cozy space, thanks to their simple and rustic decorations. I have become such a big fan of this style in recent years. While I do believe I am very behind on this trend, I now have my own home with space to add the style I love so much. I hope that with the breakdown I share that you can use these farmhouse decor ideas to give your home the same charm.

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1. How to Decorate Farmhouse Style

This whole style evokes a feeling of coziness and warmth. Like other design styles, the farmhouse look has many iterations. But, the essence of farmhouse style is about creating an inviting, relaxing, and homey space full of character. 

But, at the end of the day the farmhouse décor style focuses on practicality. Since farmhouse design has really become popular it has been broken down into some sub category styles that include: modern farmhouse, french country farmhouse, rustic farmhouse, coastal farmhouse, & industrial farmhouse.

Today, I am sharing the basics plus more details around the art of adding this design farmhouse-style to your home. I am sharing some ideas, sources, and shopping guides to help you get started. 

2. Get Inspired With Home Decor Books & Pinterest

I am a big fan of sourcing inspiration to add charm to my home. With that being said, I know everyone looks to different places to gather inspiration. Whether you are a follower of Joanna Gaines, a fan of farmhouse décor books, research in magazines, or look at everything on Pinterest this will hopefully give you more ideas.

I am adding some books and other sources you might find helpful to get more inspired to add a farmhouse style to your home.

3. Pare Down Your Color Palette

Neutral Color Palettes are part of what makes farmhouse color palettes tend to be so inviting. The farmhouse feel consists of neutral paint colors and decor pieces that fit in this scheme. This includes warm neutrals, cool neutrals, earth tones, or natural (and relaxing) blues and greens hues.

10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Cozy

You will want to avoid bright colors, because they can take away from the coziness and charm of this niche.The most bold types of color palettes within the farmhouse look are adding things like black accents. For example, I have seen projects like painted doors, wood railings, and accent walls have become more popular in the modern farmhouse style. 

10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Cozy
Photo Credit: Snazzy Little Things

What can help to add to the cozy and natural component of farmhouse style is to add some rustic nature design and greenery.

This can be achieved by adding decor elements like fiddle leaf fig trees, olive trees, garlands, cotton stems, wheat stems, and pampas grass around the home. It can also encompass natural materials like reclaimed wood, stone, wicker, and cotton.

10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Cozy
Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

4. Add Neutral Colors and Items In Unexpected Ways

Textures are important to the designing the farmhouse look. From stone walls and distressed wood furniture to canvas upholstery and metal accents, layering different textures throughout the room is a great way to keep the room from looking flat. Especially when you’re dealing with the typical neutral color scheme.

Unfinished or Natural Wood Pieces are a big part of this interior design style as it adds to the neutral yet warm color palette.

10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Cozy
Photo by Jessie Sosey via Unsplash

One way to add texture to the walls is by creating shiplap walls or other types of wood wall accents.

One that has become very popular is board and batten patterns on walls to give them more depth and texture.

10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Cozy
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

The same idea applies to the ceiling in the version of exposed wooden beams. Not only are people excited to find exposed beams in a home, but sometimes they create fake ones to achieve the same look. In fact, when you’re choosing wood furniture, scratches, knots, and nicks can add a new level of authenticity to the look. 

Mixed metal accents are part of what makes farmhouse decor more unique because it’s about embracing history and the charm of imperfection that time can show. When choosing metal accents, you might want to consider a more eroded metal look that alludes to a long, prestigious history. Not only does farmhouse style unite old and new items, but it combines weathered metals for an industrial, functional look.

5. Start With A Statement Piece

There are a variety ways you can achieve a statement piece in your farmhouse home. It all depends on the space of course and what the function of the space will be. Take into consideration the following types of items to infuse into this decorating style. 

Painted pieces that fit the color palette or add a fun pop to the room. Distressed furniture adds character and illustrious history to an item that really makes it more exciting. Antique furniture can often blend into the distressed furniture design idea.

Although, the vintage furniture might be in really good shape. I will say that furniture isn’t made like it used to be. Real wood is hard to come by unless you are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars.

​​Architectural elements add a level of uniqueness to a home. If you embrace it and showcase it then you can really set your design apart from anyone else’s. A sliding barn door is a design concept that has become very popular within farmhouse style. 

Paint more than your walls in this design style to add another level of depth. Things like painting the ceiling, cabinets, floors, rugs, and old sofas. 

Light fixtures can really bring a place to life and add another level of personality to a room. Modern styles embrace more eclectic and industrial fixtures whereas more traditional styles embrace vintage looking and minimal chandeliers. 

Light fixtures can really bring a place to life and add another level of personality to a room. Modern styles embrace more eclectic and industrial fixtures whereas more traditional styles embrace vintage looking and minimal chandeliers. 
Photo by Julia Evans on Unsplash

Appliances, kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and hardware help make a big impact. If you were to think about what a farmhouse kitchen looks like, I am sure you picture the coveted farmhouse sink with brass sink fixtures. This really adds a new level of beauty and is very popular!

6. Rearrange Often

Designing and redesigning the space over time can add more dimension to your design style. This includes playing around with the layout of your space because you may not get exactly what you are looking for the first time around.

Practical and functional gathering areas are one of the most dominant elements of farmhouse style. When farmhouse style began, people decorated with whatever was handy and useful. While practicality isn’t just about function, it also extends to form and utility. The form of actual farmhouse furniture tends lean more on the side of simplicity. 

Mix & match furniture in your living room, dining room, bedrooms, and offices. This can be a great way to discover other ideas by swap furniture and decor pieces to fit in other spaces. 

Mantel makeovers are one of my favorite ways to swap out decor seasonally. It’s probably one of the easiest places to start when it comes to rearranging your decor. Things like lanterns, pillar candles, mason jars, garlands, and frames are often used as farmhouse decorations on a fireplace mantel. 

Swap accent pillows to support your ever changing decor as you rearrange and find your farmhouse style of choice. This is another easy way to make your home have a new look and it is very renter friendly. Invest or make your own pillow cases to cover your existing pillows to evolve and change with the seasons and styles to dabble with. 

Using things like open shelving helps to simplify your life and be a great way to rearrange often. It prevents clutter from building because you can see everything. Not only is this a smart organizing tactic, it allows you to add and change out decor as you see fit. 

7. Re-evaluate Your Collection

If you are just getting started, look at your current home decor and ask yourself a couple of questions…

  • What could you repurpose? 
  • What could you turn into more rustic style farmhouse decor?

Once you ask yourself those questions, get to work sorting these items. 

  • What needs to be distressed or painted? 
  • What needs to be saved and what can I sell or donate?

When it comes to your bigger upholstered furniture, consider slipcovers for your existing furniture if you are starting with a completely different style of decor. This is buy you time until you decide to invest in bigger pieces that are in alignment with the farmhouse style. Slipcovers are more of a budget friendly way to start.

8. Where To Find Farmhouse Decor Gems

  • In Your Home
  • Thrift Stores
  • Yard Sales
  • Estate Sales
  • Hand-Me-Downs
  • Online

9. DIY Farmhouse Decor

  • Dollar Tree
  • Local Vendors
  • Amazon 

I have a few projects that you might enjoy that are DIY farmhouse tutorials:

10. Farmhouse Style Blogs To Get Inspiration

I have also curated some shopping guides around each sub style within the farmhouse niche. I made sure to find things on a realistic budget. I hope you find something you might want to bring into your home. 






I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed the concepts shared. Please me know in the comments what your favorite farmhouse style is.

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