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How I Jazzed Up The Kitchen Faucet in My Rental

It’s the day before Valentine’s day and it’s Friday the 13th! That’s quite a double whammy! Love is in the air and I had to share with you my new Moen kitchen faucet that I got from! I am head over heels in love with this new faucet!

Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at

A little backstory… I am a renter. When I moved into my current place I location overruled some of the other amenities that I wanted on my checklist; such as a stackable washer dryer in my unit and a dishwasher.

I also will say this, doing the dishes is my least favorite chore EVER!

To make my daily dishwashing experience a little less of a daunting task, I decided a new faucet would be the perfect solution. I also have a Brita water pitcher that I fill up daily, and my “before” fixed faucet (that didn’t have an extender on it) was super annoying to deal with too.

I decided that would be the perfect source to find the perfect faucet for me. The only requirement from my landlord was that I picked something from a reputable brand like Moen or Pfister.

I have never purchased a faucet before and wanted to make sure I chose the right faucet for me by talking with‘s super knowledgeable customer service support. I called their customer service phone number listed on the site and ended up speaking with HilaryLee at and explained my current faucet situation with her.



I made sure to keep my tape measure out and handy because she asked for some measurements {i.e, such as the height of the base of my current faucet to the floating shelf hanging above my sink}.This ended up being very important info to have so that I didn’t purchase a faucet that was too tall. I knew that I really did enjoy the goose neck style and that I wanted a retractable nozzle.

Based on that information, HilaryLee helped me narrow my selection down to 6 different faucets that would fit my sink. She even emailed me a direct link to a cart she created for me that I could use to compare and help me decide which faucet would be right for my kitchen.

My choice ended up being the Moen Spot Resist Stainless Single Handle Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet with Reflex.

My Kitchen Faucet Makeover. Even though I am a renter, I was able to talk with my landlord about upgrading my old school kitchen faucet. Check out more at

Here is a fun video on why this faucet was the perfect choice for me.

Once I placed my order, I had the faucet shipped to my door within 5 days.

Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at

Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at

Installing was something I didn’t feel like I should take on since I do not own the apartment. My landlord happily had his fix it guy, Mario, come install this faucet for me.

I did discover that I had to purchase some compression adapters to fit my plumbing because the hoses on the faucet was 3/8″ and my plumbing was 1/2″. These adapters were easy to find in the plumbing section of home depot for a couple bucks each.

Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at

Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at

Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at


I will say that Moen has very comprehensive install instructions on youtube that could help anyone attempting to install it themselves.

I just drank wine and cheered that I was going to have a new faucet soon while Mario installed the Reflex faucet for me!

Mario did an amazing job and my faucet was set up within an hour!


Goodbye ugly old faucet. I will not miss you!

IMG_6241 copy

Since this is the month of love, I had to include this new addition to my home as something I am absolutely falling in love with. It makes the dishwashing situation seem much less of a chore! With the dated tile countertop, this faucet helps make it look al little more modern and a bit classier.


Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at

Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at


Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at

Overall, definitely an improvement and thanks to, I found the right faucet for me and was able to upgrade my dated rental.

I am so happy with the finished results!!


Falling in love with my Moen kitchen faucet at


What do you think of the final result? I would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it Classy, Meredith

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